Tips for Switching to Bar Shampoo

Our Best Tips

  • To get a good lather, hold the bar under the shower for at least a few seconds before you start using it.
  • To prevent tangles, run the bar through your scalp in one direction. We recommend from front to back. Try massaging the shampoobar down your center part directly on your scalp and then down the right and left side of your head. Don't forget the nape of your neck (especially those with long hair, leftover sweat loves to hide here), by your ears, and along your front hairline!
  • After you've massaged the bar onto your scalp directly, massage the shampoobar in your hands a few times to get a nice foam going. Now, go give your head a mini-massage that both you and your scalp with thank you for. You will now be in the foam zone.
  • Store your shampoobar in its own holder designed for bar soap or a storage case to maximize performance and longevity.