The Solid Shampoo Designed to Replace Bottled For Good

Premium, clean ingredients. Salon-grade formula. Concentrated for efficacy.


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Bar, Not Bottle

Our more potent (yet gentle) shampoo formulation makes your hair feel cleaner and softer than ever.

  • Super Concentrated

  • Cheaper Per Use

  • Lasts Longer

  • Travel-Friendly

  • Potent & Gentle

  • Convenient

Founder Story

It's no secret old-school "Corporate America" has not been kind to the environment. But internet brands with good intentions talking about the enviro all the time — nagging and shaming people into making “better” choices — isn't the answer. I think we (companies) need to take responsiblity to create great products the world wants, which also "just happen to be" sustainable.


Be Classy, Not Trashy

  • Female-Founded

  • Better Goods

  • Made in Canada

  • Plastic-Free

  • No Nasties

  • Naturally-Derived

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