Returns & Shipping

I just orded! When will I receive my Bar?

TheBar orders are pre-orders. This means your order WILL NOT SHIP when you purchase. We currently estimate to be shipping in Summer 2023.

What does Pre-Order Mean?

We are doing pre-orders as we are doing a limited manufacturing run to avoid uncessary waste. As such, we expect to sell out!

What is your return policy?

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we offer a generous full refund with free pre-paid return shipping within 30 days from the ship date.

Please read our return policy and return directions here.

How Much is Shipping?

Not many things in life are free, but we think shipping should be. Shipping to Canada and US are aviailbe and of course, free.


Is Your Shampoo Bar Actually Shampoo? (Hint: Yes!)

Yes, TheBar Shampoo is formulated as a shampoo, not soap.

Will There Be A "Transition" Period? (Hint: No!)

No, there will be no transition for you hair when using TheBar. You are still using shampoo, it's just solid.

I've Tried Shampoo Bars Before. What's Different About TheBar?

Many shampoo bars on the market are actually soap bars labelled as a shampoo bar. Soap will not clean your hair the same as shampoo.

If you have used a true shampoo bar, then it was probably a terrible formulation. We use the most gentle cleansers and only the best ingredients to formulate TheBar Shampoo, leaving your hair soft and bouncy.

Will It Leave A Waxy Residue? (Hint: No!)

No icky waxy residue from TheBar Shampoo. TheBar Shampoo has the most gentle detergent for your hair, while having a low pH level. Often, shampoo bars will have a high pH level which will cause a waxy residue in your hair.

Will Your Shampoo Bar Make My Hair Feel Greasy (Hint: No!)

Greasy? We don't know her. TheBar Shampoo has 3x the active ingredients as a typical liquid shampoo, making our formula potent and concentrated. More active ingredients allows for a gentle and deep clean. Need a visual? Watch our demo here.

Do You Use Harsh Detergents?

No, TheBar Shampoo has the most gentle detergents possible. All naturally-derived.

Is TheBar 100% Natural or Organic?

TheBar Shampoo is not 100% Natural or Ogranic, however it is made up of preimum ingredients and the detergents are 100% naturally derived from sustainable sources. No nasties allowed.

Is Your Packaging Sustainable?

We are proud to not use any single-use plastic in our packaging or shipping process. Our paper packaging is made from FSC-certified paper products.

What Types of Shampoo Cannot Be Replaced By TheBar?

TheBar premium shampoo concentrate works for most hair types.

However, the Bar is not a suitable replacement for the following types of shampoos: medicated, color-depositing, purple, 2-in-1, or clarifying.

Store and Use like a Pro

How Do I Store Shampoo Bars?

To ensure TheBar Shampoo lives up to it's full potential, it needs to be stored properly. Make sure TheBar has airflow and is not sitting in water. If you store it on a soild shelf, a small vented stand can be used. If you store it on a rack, the design of the rack can act as a built in stand.

How do I use TheBar?

Wet your hair and scalp. Lather the shampoo bar between your wet hands to create a sudsy soft lather before applying to your scalp in circular motions (gently). Rinse and follow-up with conditioner for best results. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water. Watch tutorial here.

Do I Need to Double Cleanse with TheBar?

No! You will never need to double cleanse with TheBar Shampoo. It has 3x the active ingredients compared to a traditional liquid shampoo. The active ingredients are potent and will cut grease flawlessly the first time around. No need for a second cleanse.