About Us


The Future is Bar-Riffic

Better for you. 
Better for your hair.
Better for the whole planet.


Ash & Green is a new Toronto-based premium just-add-water bar shampoo brand and we're on a mission to change the way savvy humans consume personal and household products by creating better-for-everyone products and delivering best-in-class customer experiences — starting with hair care.
Sustainability doesn't mean sacrifice. 


Female-founded and led by Ashley Greene who left her seemingly predestined fast track to corporate Bay Street law for the world of entrepreneurship. Ashley is on a mission to make just-add-water products even better than their traditional bottled counterparts.



What We Stand For

      We stand for products that are better for all (what we call the Big 3 — better for you, your hair, and the planet) and delivering great experiences to customers. We will also never sacrifice quality or results in the name of being the sustainable option.
      While there are some fabulous green companies that put being green first and foremost, not everyone is ready for that type of commitment. We believe that just as one person can really change the world, small steps can change the world. Swapping out traditional bottled products — the majority of which are mostly filled with water — for quality dehydrated options is a smart swap to feel good about.
      Dehydrated products need to rely on higher quality ingredients (yes, even many premium brands use chemical junk) due to the format and are more cost-effective even by high-end product standards. As we say, it's sustainability without sacrifice. 

      Our Commitment

      We are committed to being cruelty-free.
      We are committed to providing luxurious sustainability. 
      We are committed to providing amazing customer experiences and creating great products. 


      At Ash & Green, we are about creating great products that really work. Products that also happen to be better than the status quo, sustainability-wise.